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Cannabis Capsules are made with decarboxylated plant material and are standardized using extracted cannabis oil. Production of cannabis capsules requires a minimum of 3 HPLC tests to ensure consistent active content. Typically, cannabis capsules are used to maintain longer periods of medication in the body; i.e. overnight use. Use of cannabinoid medicines should always be used under the advice of a physician.

50mg THC

* It is recommended to not smoke the capsule material as it is decarboxylated plant material and doing so would diminish the efficacy of the medication. Take with a full glass of water.

CBD Tinctures

Eden’s Herbals offers tinctures in 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 MG bottles. We use MCT Coconut Oil and add the CBD Isolate makes it a very accurate dose, unlike full and broad-spectrum products. At Eden’s Herbals, you get exactly what you pay for when purchasing CBD, as we accurately measure the amount that goes into each bottle. Eden’s CBD Isolate is of the highest quality and has been lab tested for purity and free of toxins.

What does it taste like? Of all the carrier oils we tested, we decided on MCT because it has the most pleasing taste. Since CBD has no taste the tincture itself is pretty much tasteless. We are working on a cinnamon tincture which has spicy cinnamon flavor. Taste is always a concern especially for users that use it daily. Please contact us if you have any flavor suggestions.

How to Use Tinctures? Shake the bottle, some of the CBD will re-crystalize and float to the bottom. Squeeze the rubber dropper to draw the tincture into the eyedropper. Squirt the oil in your mouth and let it sit for about a minute or two. This will allow the crystals to enter your bloodstream through the veins under your tongue. If you swallow the tincture right away you may end up being disappointed with the results because it will take over an hour or two until you feel the effects.

How fast does it work? Since Tinctures are sublingual they tend to work quickly if used properly. If CBD works on your condition you should feel it within 15 minutes but could take up to 30 minutes.

Which Amount Should I buy? If you have never used the tinctures or CBD before, we suggest trying the 1000 mg ticture. CBD may not work for you or the condition you have, so its better to first see if CBD helps you. If it does you can always purchase a larger amount on your second order as many of our customers do.


CBD Information

There has been a lot of discussions recently about the benefits of CBD. While some online retailers are opting not to offer CBD supplements due to the controversy surrounding the supplements, CBD has several uses, treatments, and benefits that can help people improve their health and overall quality of life.

While the verdict is still out regarding specific cures or health remedies, there is a vast body of research that shows it is of benefit for a lot of ailments .

Below are some of the most common benefits that people have claimed CBD has help with.

CBD For Pain Relief

Cannabidiol has long been referred to as a natural painkiller. People with a variety of pain conditions including arthritis, best muscular pain and disorders, and even sports injuries and other ailments have all reported having found some relief from the use of CBD oil. Much of the relief factor has to do with the dosage levels and the form that the CBD oil is taken in .

There is still a lot of research that must be done, but people who have taken CBD as a part of their daily supplements have experienced a great deal of pain relief. This offers new hope for people who previously only could have taken potentially addictive prescription drugs, including opioid or opiates, which has become an increasing problem in the U.S.

CBD tends to relieve pain because of the way it creates a balance or homeostasis within all areas of the body which helps to create an internal balance within the body systems .

Now that the states are allowed to decide on whether or not medical marijuana may be used in various forms, many doctors are choosing to do so because they know of the subjective report that their patients have reported that they experience from CBD oil regarding pain relief and management .

Below are some of the primary benefits and treatment results that have been noted from various health conditions when used as a part of one’s regular daily intake.

CBD For the Reduction of Anxiety and Depression

Psychologists and therapists have prescribed various forms of CBD for anxiety and mild depression. Of course, a doctor should always be involved if you are dealing with serious clinical depression, and professional help should be a major factor in your treatment. That being said, for many CBD oil seems to calm their nervous system to the point of where they can manage their stress and anxiety and improve their mental stamina.

CBD May Alleviate Cancer-Related Symptoms

One of the most exciting discoveries regarding CBD oil is the idea that it could actually stop or reverse cancer symptoms and limit the growth or metastasis of some cancer cells. While more research must be done to confirm whether or not this is true, many doctors believe in its potential to shrink cancer cells based on a number of convincing studies that illustrate this. Even if CBD cannot reverse cancer itself it may be able to alleviate many of the associated symptoms of cancer in some people or prevent it from recurring once it has gone into remission .

Reduction of Chronic Skin Conditions using CBD

Chronic skin conditions such as adult acne and rosacea have been known to have some benefits when CBD oil is applied or taken internally. Many people report their skin has cleared up greatly from just a few doses. It is important to know how much you need to take to experience a change in your skin condition. The reason that acne may clear up from the use of CBD oil is that it reduces the ability for your skin glands to secrete sebum which is responsible for trapping oil and bacteria in your skin which may contribute to acne conditions. There are many other skin conditions that might be alleviated or at least improved by the use of CBD.

CBD for the Reduction of Inflammation

One of the most obvious things that CBD oil does is to reduce inflammation in the body. From edema (swelling in various parts of the body) due to arthritis or other conditions, CBD has been known to reduce the level of inflammation by restoring the homeostasis within the body systems. Pain and inflammation go together, so it is believed that CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation within the body system is the reason the pain subsides. More research must be done to make a 100% connection or to state that reduces inflammation but research shows that is what is likely happening, as do the many reports by users of CBD that have reported a reduction in inflammatory effects.

CBD May Slow the Growth and Spread of Cancer

Due to the way it fights inflammation and stress That is related to the growth of cancer cells. It may lower the risk of metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells. The idea that CBD might be able to shrink or reduce the growth and spreading of cancer cells is a fascinating discovery. Cancer is one of the greatest threats to our health today so CBD oil can reduce the incidence of cancer or less than its ability to destroy important body tissues this will be a major Discovery in medicine that cannot be ignored.

CBD Promotes Bone Health and Healing

Having good bone health and condition helps improve the overall health of an individual and helps prevent some conditions such as osteoarthritis and many others. Many believe CBD oil can improve the health of bone tissue and promote healing in the bone and marrow as well as the joints. This is probably why it can reduce or help the condition of various forms of arthritis when used regularly and in the proper dosage.

CBD May Lower the incidence of diabetes

Diabetes is also a major health threat today in America. CBD oil and some tests have shown to lower the levels of insulin production and reduce the amount of damage that sugar may do to the blood cells and vessels. Diabetes is also responsible for morbid obesity and some heart conditions that could lead to stroke or heart disease.

Therefore, CBD is worth looking into because of its ability to reduce one’s chances of developing severe diabetes within their lifetime. Some studies suggest it has been shown to reduce the sugar levels significantly enough to justify regular use.

CBD May calm childhood epilepsy

A doctor in the state of Colorado a few years ago received a call from a parent who had a daughter with severe epilepsy. It was so severe that she would pass out just while walking into his clinic. The mother was desperate and had read about the benefits of cannabidiol and wanted the doctor to try it with her daughter. Hesitant at first because it was not approved back then he remembered his oath to help people and first do no harm. As a doctor, he decided to lay everything on the line and try to help this young girl, and he told himself that is something happened he would report that he did everything he could do to help the child and bring relief to the family.

The treatment did help the young child almost immediately, and today she is seizure-free. He tells his story now on a national level and in seminars as an example of how a doctor should do whatever it takes to help a patient. This touching story about how CBD oil changed the life of a doctor and a family who is seeking answers shows how much CBD may be useful in trading conditions for which there is no other cure.

CBD May improve focus level and level of productivity

Outside of specific health benefits for certain disorders, CBD oil is also very effective in helping people have a general feeling of well-being and in treating conditions such as ADD and others that get in the way of one’s daily life. Many people report that they have trouble focusing on their work, but with the help of a daily CBD oil or supplement, they seem to be able to increase their level of focus and thereby improve their productivity. The jury is still out on exactly how much CBD oil may help people with focus issues, but studies show that it goes directly to the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for focus and may create a balance as it does in other parts of the body that result in a higher degree a focus.

CBD May Benefit Psychotic Conditions

Amazingly, some psychiatrists are even turning to CBD now as a treatment for some psychoses which before were only believed to be treatable by strong anti-psychotic medications.

One such disease that is sometimes helped by CBD oil is schizophrenia in which there is a split mind, and the person cannot stay in reality, as well as many other dangerous symptoms regarding their perception of them self and others. Since CBD oil affects the nervous system and increases dopamine levels which are known to be a factor in schizophrenia, it is possible that the decisive factors in the CBD substance may help brain cells to heal and function better in patients with the disorder.

CBD does not cure schizophrenia, but it may reduce the symptoms or the effect that this brain disorder has in the body due to the ability of CBD to act as a stopgap between aberrant brain chemistry and the psychotic reactions that accompany them.

Sum It Up

As you can see, CBD oil is good for a variety of different ailments and conditions, both mental and physical that affect people today. One heart doctor explains that he felt CBD was one of the most important discoveries ever discovered in the medical community related to heart health. He has conducted studies himself in which it appears CBD oil has reduced the incidence of heart attack and stroke by as much as 50% or more. If this is true, it is an amazing discovery that must be followed up on shortly to see if it might be of help with other conditions. Outside of this and the other many benefits would discuss CBD oil may help people feel generally healthier even if they have no specific health conditions.

CBD is a natural alternative to antipsychotic drugs that helps to maintain and increase good health in all areas of the body. Antipsychotic drugs such as Prozac or Paxil or other anti-anxiety medications only complicate the matter because people can potentially get addicted to these substances making the problem worse.

CBD oil does not contain the THC that is in regular marijuana, so there is no “high” experienced from CBD oil self. In essence, what happens with CBD production is that the bad side of the plant (the THC) is cut out and you only get the right nutrients are positive aspects of the marijuana plant known as CBD.

While there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the legalization of CBD, it is important to keep in mind that it is not illegal marijuana, and it is not marijuana with a psychoactive drug in it. This has been removed so that should remove any concerns people have about using it.

However, there is still a stigma, and much information has been hidden from the people by the government in the past. President Trump, yet believes that it is excellent for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana in cases where other drugs are not effective or where there is an elevated risk of becoming addicted to them.

He has a look for ways within Congress to pass laws that would reduce the horrific drug problem we have in the country and CBD actually would help to reduce the drug problem rather than increase it because people would not rely on the more dangerous or addictive medications such as Opioids that are infiltrating the country.

Other Benefits of CBD


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