Berry OG Shatter

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Berry OG Shatter

Berry OG – indica dominant hybrid, OG Kush x Blue Berry. Major berries and blueberry flavour.

Berry OG Shatter

Blueberry OG is a DJ Short Blueberry phenotype with exceptional CBD yielding qualities combined with the indica-dominant legend, OG Kush. This potent, award-winning union doesn’t pack much in the way of psychoactivity, but its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects make up for any lack of headiness. With flavors of sweet camphor and sandalwood, this strain elevates the consumer’s mood and promotes an overall sense of well being.

Most shatter is derived from extracted oil and is in the range of 45% – 75%. Our proprietary technique allows us to purify the CBD and render it nearly flawless in its purity – 99.6%. That means when you use the Blue Moon Shatter, you are getting the very best available.

revolution cannabis
THC: 79.25%
CBD: 0.27%
CBN: 0.00%
Not Available For Pre-order
A phenotype of “Luckleberries” which is an F1 cross between Louis XIII and Huckleberry Kush #8 produced in-house by Revolution. Extracted via mixed hydrocarbon technique, the texture is very brittle and stable. While the citrus flavors are up front, at moderate temps notes of blue- berry blossoms become noticeable. The effects are both cerebral and physical in euphoria w/ a mood uplifting quality.

Stress | Pain | Appetite Loss | Depression | Muscle Spasms | Restlessness

Vancouver Island – a world apart, where sea and wild mountains meet. It is here that Canada’s most passionate and independent-minded growers made their home. And it’s here they learned how to grow Canada’s best medicinal quality cannabis.

Other Benefits of CBD

A few of the other benefits of CBD oil are mentioned below so that you can do your own research about it.

  • May defend against certain kinds of bacteria
  • May include some anti-aging benefits
  • May help aid in helping people to quit smokin
  • May increase REM (deep sleep)
  • Helps improve mental outlook or feeling of peace
  • Keeps you alert but relaxed


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